The Christmas trees have all been hand-picked by Dunc and I. They look (and smell!) amazing! We have used the same local Christmas tree supplier, in Newbury, for over 16 years.

All of our trees are premium grade, so you should find the perfect shape for your home. Most of our trees are Nordman non-drops, so shouldn't drop too many needles if you follow the tips below. We do have a few Norway Spruce trees too - perfect for outside or a cool hallway. We've also got a few potted Spruce trees - but hurry, they sell quickly.

Tips for looking after your Christmas tree.

  • saw off a slice at the bottom of the trunk

  • keep your tree in water for a day or two before  bringing it inside

  • keep it watered to prevent needle-drop

  • keep away from wood burners, fires & radiators

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful customers, and thank you again for your continued support. We really do appreciate it.